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My awesome 6-figure week!

After 4/5 months of working with Rockstar, business is delivering 6 figures a week! You read that right – SIX-FIGURE WEEK!!!!

We absolutely CRUSHED it during our last launch and brought in over £107,000 in sales for our big package of courses in seven days. We also sold about £10k in normal courses on top of that, bringing our total close to £120k. WHAT A WEEK! I followed our usual launch formula, but this time put a lot more money into Facebook advertising (about £1,500) which I think really paid off. We also added over 1,300 new subscribers to our mailing list in the process so it was all very positive.

The business is growing phenomenally now and I’m having a bit of down time now that we’ve completed our big site upgrade and programme launch.

Best wishes,


I am quite a young entrepreneur and I was struggling a lot last year with my English eLearning business and I felt I needed someone more experienced than myself who was way ahead of where I was, in terms of success and revenue etc. My requirements were quite specific, in terms of wanting someone who had experience in the education and ecommerce sectors, as well as knowledge and proven business experience in the Asia Pacific region.

I was looking on Google and ran into a lot of dead ends. I came across Jonathan Pfahl and read some of his interviews about the importance of support he received when he originally started in business and the importance of paying for a mentor, as opposed to getting it for free. I received free mentoring from the UK government’s Business Growth Hub service. The mentors there helped me but they hadn’t walked the walk so to speak in terms of them having successfully grown companies from nothing, which I feel is vital when advising others. When Jonathan talked about the importance of paying for mentoring in the interview I read, he said that it holds you accountable and keeps you motivated. As a working class lad from Manchester, the fees weren’t cheap for me and my family balked at the cost, but I knew that the value (if Rockstar were good) would massively outstrip what I would pay). This has definitely been the case for me in my experience. Because I am paying for the mentoring sessions, I find myself really analysing things before each session because it is up to me to make sure I get the maximum benefit as I can from them. Of course, I expect to get benefit from sessions with Jonathan but as the old saying goes ‘you get out what you put in’ and Jonathan is not in my business on a day to day basis, therefore I have to really articulate my issues and how he can help me decipher them. Even just one nugget of advice from Jonathan has me thinking about it afterwards, and this is the worth the cost alone, never mind all the other advice and support given.

My Entrepreneurial venture has been, and still is, a struggle. However recently the benefit I have received from the mentoring sessions is starting to pay dividends since I began a successful collaboration with a much bigger company. Jonathan has helped me to really nurture that relationship and assisted me in maximising and leveraging off this to improve my revenue.

As of last month, my revenue has doubled to $10,000USD and I expect this to continue for the following months based on my projections. In previous months I was stuck on $5,000 USD a month and I couldn’t immediately see how this could be significantly increased in the interim. Even after the sessions, Jonathan has put me into contact with other people that are able to help me with my business, particularly contacts who are able to help me progress in the Chinese e-commerce market.

I’ve also had great sessions with KetanMakwana and Chelsea Baker too who gave me advice on international strategy and Public Relations respectively. This variety of different expertise has helped enormously in various areas of my business and isn’t a ‘one mentor fits all’ approach. You can gain support from mentors who are specialists in their particular field of business expertise.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the mentoring sessions to other budding entrepreneurs as well as established entrepreneurs. If anyone would like to ask for my opinions on the mentoring sessions and whether it could provide value to them, I am more than happy to share my thoughts.

Alex - Swoosh English

“I have known and worked with Jonathan Pfahl and Rockstar for over 2 years. They have a very strong mentoring platform and a unique offering for entrepreneurs at all levels.”

Daniel Priestley – Founder | Triumphant Events

We, The British Library Business & IP Centre, believe that Rockstar has developed a very unique business model for mentoring entrepreneurs. There are few organisations out there that have standardised the quality of delivery for those mentoring, which means that the mentees get the best of the best which will hopefully help them to nurture and grow their business.

Gabrielle Rose | British Library and IP Centre

Rockstar Group have a unique business model because they provide a real service that is key to the success of start ups and entrepreneurs – it’s a service that all new business owners need and want, and through the different packages available they can find something that is affordable for them. A lot of new businesses fail in the first two years because they don’t have the right support and planning in place – and Rockstar’s mentors provide a means of significantly reducing that risk – we would consider this money well spent.

Jo Pinkney – New Business Manager | Smarta.com

Testimonials For Our Mentor Chelsey Baker

Chelsey clearly understood our vision as she was able to give advice on the direction of our business in terms of branding, marketing and sales. We have followed her guidance and the advice provided to us about starting up and running a successful business has given us a “head start” in terms of business lessons. We have effectively compressed perhaps a year’s worth of experience into a much shorter period of time and at a fraction of the cost!

Jean Soloman

Chelsey was up to speed very quickly and grasped our business model. Chelsey had already done some thorough preparation so our meeting time was very productive. Chelsey is creative, knowledgeable, helpful and very personable and lively which made the mentoring fun! Chelsey highlighted key areas that needed attention and acted as a catalyst to generate more focused activity.

Mark Robson | Insight Group

Chelsey was outgoing and inspiring from the moment we shook hands. Chelsey understood our business objectives and gave us valuable insight into various business techniques and market approach. Chelsey gave honest and constructive feedback that shed new light in various areas of the business. Chelsey had extensive understanding of business as a whole, thoroughly researched our industry and is a great listener. Chelsey understood our vision and gave us great advice on how to move forward and indicated areas which were not clear to the customer and gave us insight on how to change and review our offer.

Lee Eld & Chris Barron | EB Advantage Ltd

Testimonials For Our Mentor Richard Cook

Richard has & continues to be one of the most instrumental people in my start up company life’s. His vast knowledge and experience is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and which motivates and inspires. Not only has he helped me during the mentoring sessions but he’s also introduced me to people who have turned my business around.

Instead of wasting my loan on consultancy fees, Richard had introduced me to people who have donated a lot of their spare time to me for free which is so crucial at these early stages when money is tight. He’s hugely generous with his time, advice and experience and without doubt the best mentor I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. If you are lucky enough to get put in a group with him as your mentor then you can be sure that your business will have the best chance of being a success. This man knows his stuff.

Georgia Wright

I was introduced to Richard Cook through Rockstar Mentoring Group. Rockstar cleverly found exactly the right person to mentor me during the start-up of my business and his engagement was the best investment I made. Richard has a wealth of start-up business experience through his own enterprises and from mentoring other businesses.

He is energetic and positive and quickly understood the weaknesses in my business, ensuring our sessions were always used productively. His cheerfulness is infectious, so you always leave a meeting with Richard, feeling you can do anything, which is good when there are so many hurdles to cross. Most importantly, Richard has a very simple approach to running a business and saved me thousands of pounds by suggesting simpler, more cost effective ways to achieve the same objectives.

Alison John | Space Qube Ltd