Sales Generation

We work together with your team to manage your sales generation and ensure that your business meets monthly, quarterly and annual targets. Performance motivation, sales-related promotions and reduction of operational costs will all be used to create an intelligent, results-focused strategy.

Sales Generation Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing

Our outsourcing team will ensure that your business attracts the highest volume of potential sales using a dedicated outsourcing strategy incorporating marketing, telemarketing and sales management.


Our Incubation Spaces are designed to cater towards smaller-sized businesses with a positive growth forecast. By sharing office and meeting room spaces, we help our clients to save costs during the initial business growth period and to benefit from additional space and an established base once their team expands.

Brand Development

Our branding experts work with every business to define their corporate identity and the image that they wish to convey to potential clients. We will help to solidify your brand goals and to inject your unique personality and best practice into every aspect of your output.

Lead Generation

RSHI has an international team of talented salespeople who will generate targeted leads for your brand, using social media channels and cross-promotion solutions as well as traditional sales generation techniques.


Building and implementing a solid, logical marketing strategy is essential for business development. Our marketing experts will conduct an initial assessment of your industry for key competitors, challenges and predictions and incorporate an extensive SWOT analysis. We will then build a customized, cost-effective strategy including business objectives, product development, customer segmentation and advertising opportunities designed to minimize overheads and maximize revenue.

Marketing Strategy


We have affiliations with top international organisations, allowing us to help establish new companies by bringing together different stakeholders to facilitate expansion. We also use our partnerships to add value and enable the national and international rollout of your product.

Partnerships/Consortiums Joint Ventures

Delivery Partner

RSHI will act as your dedicated delivery partner, to assist in the national or globally rollout of business and personal development programmes.

Joint Ventures

We analyse the individual qualities of your business in order to facilitate successful strategic alliances designed to improve brand visibility and strengthen your image. Our combined marketing plans will ensure to fulfil the financial and marketing goals of both companies by raising your profile to broaden your advertising scope and cut costs through merging of assets and resources.

National Rollouts

RSHI will act as your dedicated delivery partner, to assist in the national or globally rollout of business and personal development programmes.

National Rollouts

Global Rollouts

As with the national rollouts, we will expand your business on a global scale, using our relationships with serviced offices and our partnerships with distributors, salespeople and mentors to bring added benefit to every level of your organisation and product.