RSHI has in-house lawyers that manage the platform’s legal requirements, as well as outsourcing much of the legal work for projects and companies on the Private Market (, to many of the world’s biggest and best firms. Access to many international law firms also gives the platform a unique advantage of a direct contact to deal flow and opportunities that are not available in the regular marketplace.

Legal Accounting


RSHI has in-house accountants and bookkeepers that manage the platform’s economic, financial, and feasibility analyses. They also manage the accounts of all the companies in the group including those on the Private Market. This way operating costs of SPVs is reduced. RSHI also manages relationships with, and outsources to, some of the world’s biggest and best accounting firms. This gives the platform access to more unique deal flow and transactions that are not in the public domain.

Corporate Advisory

RSHI has access to professional advisors that manage all corporate advice to companies in the group, and also manage the relationships with many of the world’s biggest and best advisory firms. This is to add as much value to the platform and its respective projects, companies and transactions.

Corporate Advisory Administration Outsourcing

Administration Outsourcing

With a large network of clients and international resources, RSHI has the capacity to lower business costs through providing an international administration outsourcing service to members of the platform. Services include Legal, Accounting, General Admin, Sales and Call Centre. RSHI also has in-house professional auditors that work with third party firms that audit companies in the group including companies on the Private Market.